Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Governor Quispe is taken to the Felcc after being surprised with alcoholic beverages in his office

 The governor of La Paz, Santos Quispe, was taken early this Wednesday to the offices of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc), after being surprised in an apparent state of drunkenness and with alcoholic beverages inside his office.

“They called us at midnight because of the noise that was in the Government, we have caught him in a drunken state and it is unfortunate that the first authority of La Paz is in this state,” said Assemblyman Israel Alanoca, who broadcast the moment on Facebook. in which they entered Quispe's office and surprised him while he was consuming alcoholic beverages.

The assemblyman maintained that when they received the complaint and arrived at the Governor's office, he was locked in the office along with other people.

"He was already locked up when we arrived and there are other people," Alanoca is heard saying on the broadcast.

Governor Quispe, in his office, in front of a bag with beer cans.

At the time of the intervention, one of the people who accompanied the Governor tried in vain to stop the television cameras and cell phones from recording Quispe, while he asked to speak to the press.

“I want to talk to the press for a while. These tests have been implanted in me, you know that they have implanted me and a thousand things are going to be done. I came from a place to rest here because I have activity at 5:00, but those people are always going to give me beer, whatever it is”, declared the Governor.

Quispe insisted that his detractors were accusing him without foundation and that everything that happened is part of a new attempt to remove him from the Government.

"They have implanted me... my conscience is clear, let them implant it. They are going to want to remove me all my life, they will want to remove me, I am not afraid because after all those people have implanted me, a thousand things are going to implant here, I they are going to want to get rid of the government," he declared.

After a few minutes, the police arrived at the scene and Quispe was taken to the Felcc offices, where he spent the night and only at six in the morning was he transferred to the police cells, where he remains at this time (7:40), reported Unitel.

Assemblywoman María Esther Góngora announced that they will request the removal of the Governor, since as the main authority of La Paz he ordered restrictions due to the pandemic.

“We have found him drinking in the midst of a pandemic, he should set an example. We are going to request the dismissal of the Governor before the people of La Paz”, said the legislator.

On June 13 of last year, the Governor was involved in another police act related to alcohol consumption and the use of an official vehicle of the Government, in which he and his companion had an accident in the southern area of ​​La Peace.

Gobernador de La Paz borracho